A creative collective of environmental and socially mindful design professionals

About SAWA

We are a design collective of like minded professionals who facilitate, design and build architectures for all. We collaborate, work for and with individuals, community groups, charities, organisations and governments looking to support challenged communities in a wide range of contexts. These people are often living in poverty with limited access to health and education services. We work sensitively and carefully with our clients and users needs, to provide them with a desirable asset that enhances their local environment. We look at projects holistically and critically to ensure a progressive, considerate and sustainable solution for all. Through mindfulness and permaculture based approaches to living, we can not only live in abundance, but we can enhance and regenerate the environment which we are in.

SAWA Showreel



We respond to our individual and collective responsibility.

We collaborate with farmers, builders, teachers and professionals alike.

We learn by engaging local people in the creative process.

We work with communities, and aim to represent their developmental needs.



We are proactive: we create work, when we don’t have it.

We volunteer our skills to projects we believe in.

We have a critical eye that looks for architectural enhancements.



We designers and builders.

We like to learn, experiment and research to constantly improve.

We are always running workshops to share the empowering knowledge.

We love to get our hands dirty!



We hold highly our ‘duty of care’ in all that we do.

We see architecture as the perfection of navigating our time space reality.

Did you know!? 

Sawa in Swahili, spoken widely in Rwanda and East Africa, means ‘good / okay / right’.