Brufut Nursery School, The Gambia

utilising space for teaching and playing

Gambia School Support (GSS), the UK charity, now supports now three nursery schools in the Brufut area on the southern banks of the Gambia river.

The new primary school comprises of 4 classrooms, 2 administrative offices, a kitchen, 6 toilet cubicles, a handwashing station, ‘the bantaba’ (an outdoor meeting space under the mango tree) and a playing area.

Our role with in planning of the site, a concept design, which was subsequently delivered by a local contractor, using the standard sandcrete block, cement plaster and metal doors and windows.

The GSS three nursery schools they run make a critical difference to the lives of the children by providing early education that they would otherwise not be starting until they were 7 years old (when state provision begins). GSS also provides nutritional supplements, employs a full-time medical assistant as well as sports, beach visits and other activities.

Building work started on site in June 2018, here is the working progress.


Build Cost


Build Area

230 m2