Lao Home School, Cambodia

Utilising readily available resources such as cow poo, clay, bamboo, tyres and bottles to build a Home School

In July 2017, Learn to Share, from the US opened in a rural community school 4km outside Siem Reap, Cambodia.

An education centre for local unprivileged children, the centre acts as a hub for educating and guiding boys and girls through primary school curriculum, giving them English, Maths and IT lessons, and showing the power of sharing, in an effort to empower each generation to help others in need.

Their Pilot Programme in 2016 was a fantastic success and saw 12 local children go to Florida International School of Siem Reap. So the next step? To expand! 2019 has seen the demand for more space, which SAWA have took on as a Project.


The Centre is ran by Lao, a builder, a teacher and soon to be father. He teaches kids English and other lessons and provides after school support as well. With 2 classes of 35 kids each, over 70 kids attend the school every day at 5.30-7.30pm.


SAWA kept the sustainable architecture theme in mind to build 2 more Classrooms and a Workshop Space. making use of recycled bottles to make eco-bricks. Use of bamboo, thatch, clay, cow poo, tyres further strengthened the concept of low environment impact, natural building materials and recycling.

This Project is currently ongoing and near to completion and are now building the school walls with the children of the community who have been collecting and recycling bottles into eco-bricks. Everyone is feeling happy and thankful for this upcoming safe haven! By the end of this building phase, 2 classrooms will be finished and workshop space for all to come, learn and share new skills.

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October 2019


Architect, Workshop Leader