Learning Centre, Panacea, Thailand

learning through nutrition, permaculture + mindfulness

Panacea is the Greek goddess of healing, hence this centre is a centre for learning how to live sustainably, healthy and heal ourselves and our environment. Located in Central Thailand, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, in the district of Muak Lek. The 2 ha site is on the outskirts of the town of Muak Lek, boarding a large river, local farmers, coconut plantations and a scout camp.

The Client’s vision is to create a community which will showcase and teach sustainable practices. The centre will teach Organic Farming, Natural Building, Appropriate Technology, Permaculture, Yoga, Mindfulness and Reiki Energy Healing.

The Learning Centre

Master Plan + Aerial View

The 5 Ha site provides many opportunities for growing food and living closely with nature. Learning how best to live in harmony with it.

The Concept

“The fower of life, geometry from which all life grows”

Sacred geometry known as the seed of life found in all organic or inorganic forms from molecules to flowers, shells and human bodies. Everything in this world is linked and for the best environment, we shall design with respect to nature by looking deeply into the signs it gives us.

1. Natural Building

A natural building on average stores 4 tonnes of carbon in its embodiment. Hence is CARBON NEGATIVE! where as a typical modern build ADDS 6 tonnes of carbon into the air. As a client or an architect if we can choose natural building over modern, we can have a net reduction of  10 tonnes of carbon.

2. Appropriate Technology

Nature has provided us with an abundance of energy and it is all around us! There are multiple technologies being developed, which mean we can design and build homes and villages which are energy independent, energy self sufficiently and even off grid. we using, teaching, researching the following appropriate technologies:

A. Solar Reflectors. Taking direct sun’s energy reflecting into to heat water or rocks for cooking.

B. Compost Heating. Converting heat energy from decomposing kitchen scraps into hot water showers.

C. Local hydroelectric power. Converting kinetic energy of river water into electrical energy.

D. Greenhouse Solar Collectors. Taking excess heat from the greenhouse to create a heat store.

E. DC Solar Pump to Water Towers.  Stores the suns energy as gravitational potential energy.

F. Solar Chimney. Heats the air to accelerate ventilation from building drawing cool air in.

3. Organic Farming

For our health and our planets we need to grow local and grow organic. As a species we need to relearn agricultural techniques that are in balance and harmony with nature. Our personal health and the health of our environment are linked directly. If we poison our fields with chemicals to kills weeds and bugs, we will see the destruction to the health of our water our food ‘downstream’.  Monoculture provides quantity of food it does not provide quality. We must learn to live with harmony with nature not against it or we face extinction.

4. Mindfulness

Peace in the world starts with peace in our hearts and minds.