Stonelynk Organics, East Sussex, UK

A permaculture design, rooted in local material and human resource, round wood columns, wattle and daube.

SAWA was asked by Stonelynk Organics – an amazing organic food producer in Fairlight, East Sussex – to develop a fully fledged natural build, complete with all appropriate technologies and alternative building services. The function of the building would be a workshop for the farm owner’s when out in the fields, to meet all their farm business needs during the working day.

We are excited to announce that we successfully acquired planning permission Summer 2021 for the workshop and will therefore be moving forward into the building phase of this project in the 2022.

The single storey build sits humbly along the edge of the tree-line, and faces North out onto the organic fields. Being designed to utilise locally sources round wood and clay earth dug onsite, it is truly a part of the landscape, reformed for regenerative and productive slow food and growing local community food resilience.

The build is complete with a small packing hall, mess room, compost loo and appropriate storage solutions for produce and equipment.

The structure will boast a timber frame of Chestnut columns and Hazel wattle. The timber will be locally sourced from sustainably managed biodiverse coppices. The daub will be mixed using clay taken from the digging of a pond on site, ensuring no material or efforts are wasted and we are working in harmony with nature and its abundance!

The walls and roof will maximise the wonderous properties of the earth through a wattle and daub wall composition, will a lime stabilised finishing plaster on the walls and a living roof type TBC.

SAWA believe that adapatibilty within ecological design is crucial in supporting the propogation of such innovations by working with stakeholders needs and wants.

Stonelynk Organics have created a beautiful site rich in healthy produce that they distribute local community, through a click and collect service. With not using typical chemical fertilisers, they have developed creative ways of ensuring their crops are of good quality. One development being their ‘chicken tractor’ – a movable chicken coop that allows the chickens to be relocated to different field and spread their nutrient rich droppings across the fields to act as a fertiliser! The workshop will certainly enable and nurture Stonelynk Organics future creativity to continuing their successful agricultural adventure.

SAWA have been thrilled to work with Stonelynk Organics on such a wonderful project – we look forward to the next stages where we will be on site as the workshop takes shape on site!

Build Area



April 2021 - Present