Thai Panacea: A Learning Centre

To showcase wellness and sustainable living through permaculture and mindfulness

Site Wide

Panacea, is a new eco village, wellness, learning centre and community in the making! Located in beautiful jungle site of around 4 Ha  with river frontage on the edge fo national park with stunning waterfalls and tropical forests and mountains.

Learning Centre

The centre is showcasing and teaching courses on Permaculture, Natural Building, Appropriate Technology, Mindfulness and Reiki Energy Healing. As ever we are increasing aware of the fragility of live on this planet. We all need to do are part to regenerate the land, build soil fertility, how to live with light carbon and energy footprint and how to live in community with love and non violence behaviour.  This centre is a great place to learn how we can all do better.

San the Thai/ Chinese owner of the site is welcoming volunteers and visitors to engage in the project and collaborate and help grow this community from the ground up. Get in contact through the Thai Panacea website if you want to visit.


San, has husband and two beautiful twin girls, they live between Bangkok and Muak Lek, Lek is the full time caretaker of the site, she manages the site , the compost and gardens. Various teachers such as SAWA’s Paul and Ed come in and out the project to run courses and progress design and building of the centre. The centre has constant flow of local and international friends, volunteers, interns and visitors.

Yoga, Meditation, Rieke Energy Healing and Mud Therapy

Maintain our balanced peace of mind in critical to making more mindful and wiser decisions. The centre tries to provide a healthy balance of activities to encourages personal growth and wellbeing.

Observation House 2020 Update

The first building on the site was the Observation house, which showcases how permaculture principles can be integrated into contemporary living aesthetic and live style. The Build is made from mostly earth, with 20 cm thick adobe blocks and a living green roof. The lime plaster protects the wall from rains and a few steel beams, cement boards and a thick pond liner make up the roof structure to protect the cool interiors from the monsoon rains. The inside temperature is remarkably cool, even during the day when outside temperature reach 45+ the inside temperature stays a cool 20 degrees celsius.

The two bedroom house is flanked East and West with two outdoor shower rooms, with hot water heated by compost. The North side has a deck which faces the wild pond and is a place for contemplation and stargazing. The south side has thatched roof extension, housing the temporary kitchen and dinning room on straw-bales. The pizza oven, is where a wealth of delicious baked good is created.

[S]He Pee

We are taking the piss, yes literally taking the piss. The urinals collect the pee a container underground and then redistribute it on another irrigation systems to the near by food forest.

The structure is low cost and locally sourced. Up cycling old concrete fence posts into rubblecrete foundations. Onsite clay  was dug out to create a much needed pond and soak aways, as well as making the adobe earth blocks (40 x 20 x 10 cm) earth plasters. We harvested 25m long dendrocalamus bamboo onsite from long standing plantations, to create the columns and structure roof beams. Cow poo was donated by a local farmer to make water resistant scratch plaster, a mixture of with 1 sand : 1 clay : 1 cow poo, proved very effective.

Compost Loo Tower

With similar architectural material and structure language to the [S]He Pee, but with a round plan, spiral staircase, reciprocal round roof. All the humanure compost collected will be set aside of a year, before being ready to be distributed around the land to fertilising the fruit and nut trees.

Permaculture Infrastructure

We set up various low tech simple ecological systems to clean water and return organic waste back to the land, to fertilise the soil for healthy happy growing plants.


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Build Area



March 2018 - Present


Architect, Natural Builders, Teachers, Appropriate Technology Specialist