The Sala, Panacea, Thailand

learning through nutrition, permaculture + mindfulness

The Client’s vision is to create a community which will showcase and teach sustainable practices. The centre will teach Organic Farming, Natural Building, Appropriate Technology, Permaculture, Yoga, Mindfulness and Reiki Energy Healing.

Phase 2 is the Learning Centre, starting with the Sala building, which can host workshops and courses up to 24 students. We will start this construction in November 2019. The building will be self built with a combination local craftsmen, volunteers and building specialist.

Sala – Kitchen.

Kitchen is located close to the Guesthouse. The cooking process is as important as the rest of the teachings of the Panacea Learning Centre. As it brings the understanding of different foods preparation, involves meditation of its kind while cooking and gathers the community together sharing the joy and techniques of food preparation, which we slowly loosing in modern lifestyles.

Sala – Kitchen – Plans, Section and Elevation.

Compost Toilet.

This building will be built as part of a series of workshops where by we will teach permaculture and natural building to Thai Architecture students and international volunteers.

Sketch Details

Panacea is the Greek goddess of healing, hence this centre is a centre for learning how to live sustainably, healthy and heal ourselves and our environment. Located in Central Thailand, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, in the district of Muak Lek. The 2 ha site is on the outskirts of the town of Muak Lek, boarding a large river, local farmers, coconut plantations and a scout camp.

Architecture is driven by the healthy fusion of contemporary, vernacular and Thai styles. The building’s form is shaped by permaculture approach. It is by understanding the climatic, the site and structural material limitations and opportunities we design a building that respects nature and the flows of life.

The Guest House will be part of the next phase here is the: Plans, Section and Elevation.



Build Area