Appropriate Technology

Developing and using technology which has a positive and beneficial effect for humans and the environment.  Appropriate technology preferable needs to be simple, accessible to all, easily replicable, decentralised, locally autonomous, not harming but rather benefiting the environment and from renewable resources. Thus, primary focus is having a positive net effect.

Building Technology

The use of earths, clays, sands, rocks, limes, grasses, timber and local materials to make climatically suitable, durable architectures. Many techs come from indigenous and vernacular methods passed on from hundreds of years, such as rammed earth, adobe brick, wattle and daub, cob and more.

Permaculture Technology

As we study nature, learn of abundance and cooperation. We realise and value all living beings in the incredible web of life. Building soil fertility being most obvious example. Learning to compost and cycle our organic waste on site to gain the rich benefits in the fruits and nutrition gained.

We design and build systems to do this efficiently and effectively. Practicing the three ethics of permaculture: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share, as always.