Compost Heating

Compost heating takes your organic waste products such as cardboard, grasses, manure and kitchen waste turning it into heat energy and nutrient rich compost!

Compost heating can be produced anywhere irrespective of climate and does not need sun. Heat is a by-product of biodegradation in a compost pile. Healthy compost naturally reaches temperatures between 50deg and 78deg C. dependant on the materials used the compost heat can last up to 18 months delivering hot water for heating houses, hot water for showers, washing machines, underfloor heating etc. as well as in Northern climates heating for greenhouses for growing of food in winter. Compost heating delivers heat 24/7 independent location or climate. The Jean Pain method is one way to capture the heat from the pile using simple piping to transfer the heat. The water is contained within a pipe (either low cost agriculture pipe or more high-grade solutions using copper pipe) and has no direct contact with the compost. Compost heating has the added advantage that it supplies compost afterwards.  Therefore, energy is produced and compost for food production.