SAWA in Collaboration with Rock Farm and a team of Co Facilitators and Residential Volunteers will be camping out on the Rock Farm for 6 weeks Monday 14th September – Saturday 24th Oct 2020. 

A unique opportunity to practice the art of living, with daily group meetings, meditations, natural building, appropriate technology, community living, composting, harvesting, foraging, nurturing soils and plants for 6 weeks this Autumn. 

We will be co designing and self building a solar collecting cabin, round house, compost loo, compost hot water shower, rainwater collection system and beautiful informative artworks!

We will be running five one day courses. Each course will cover an Introduction to Permaculture but will then showcase some examples in more detail. The five workshops themed around the 5 elements.

This course series should give you the foundation principles on how to one live a more sustainable, regenerative and healthy life for you, the world and others around you. It will give you practical skills + knowledge of how to apply this to your life. 

Daily Timings + Content 

10 am – Introduction Talk – Explanation of the 3 Ethics + 12 Principles + How can you apply permaculture to your life to your home? 

11am – 12.30  – Walking Tour around the site – showcasing the various examples, natural buildings, compost heated showers, polytunnels, ponds, swales, companion planting, composting. See each week the updated building developments of the onsite works.

12.45 – 1pm – Guided Mindfulness Meditation 

1pm – Free Vegan Organic Farm Lunch

 2pm – Theory and Practical Example One (Changes each week)

3pm – Theory and Practical Example Two (Changes each week)

4pm – Final Closing Talk Discussion Workshop Recapping on Lessons learnt

5pm – Finish

Weekly Content 

  1. 25th Sept – Fire – One: Biochar making and applications and Two: Hot compost making for hot showers
  2. 2nd Oct – Wind  – One: Timber Frame Structures Cross bracing + Hazel Willow bending + planting, Two: Garden layout, Companion Planting. 
  3. 9th Oct – Water – One: Rainwater collection, Two: Pond, Swale – design + example
  4. 16th Oct – Earth – One: Identifying your soil and Earth on Site and what its good for, Two: How to create the best mix + applications for walls and plasters of earth with lime and straw. 
  5. 23rd Oct – Spirit – One+Two: Seed Saving, Social permaculture, community living, sharing circles, the ego, collective intelligence workshop, maintaining a healthy mind. 


Car Parking at front: Rock Farm, Washington, Pulborough, West Sussex, UK, RH20 3GR 

Minibus lift to and from Brighton or Station, limited places. Reserve with Amber in advance on  Phone: +44 7754 753128


Bring cash, pay what you can, recommended donation £ 25 / person. 


Places are limited, reserve a place by emailing: