The Regenerative Tiny Home Workshop


This one day 10am – 4pm workshop is a great place to start if you are thinking of embarking on a self-build eco home project. Dreaming of a low cost, self-sufficient autonomous green living, this is the place for you. The Tiny House Moment is booming and we all know how important it is to be getting off fossil fuels with green clean energy.

Meet Eartha, the Early Bird, Ed’s Tiny Home! 150 days or labour, £20K worth of materials. Eartha, Ed’s Baby has been born. After years of green dreaming and practicing in this field of Architecture, International Development and Regenerative Systems Design, bringing together all this experience and knowledge to create this Mobile Tiny Home. Ed founded SAWA in 2014 around these principles, this project really brings it all together.

The Tiny House Movement! addresses all of today’s crisis’s: cost of living, energy bills, housing, mental health, economic, environmental etc…

Living small can mean living outside more in nature, learning practical skills to keep you fit and embodied, living connected to the land and away from consumerism AND touching the soil every day. Not to mention saving money on rents, bills, mortgages and living in a community…. The list goes on…


*Learn how to build your own Autonomous Regenerative Mobile Ecologically Conscious Regenerative Home?

*Principles and ethics of regenerative design integrated and applied to a Tiny House design.

*The design and build sequence of a house

*A basic cost breakdown of what Ed spent on what, Building material reclamation / foraging, where to look

*Materials + Structural Frame Design

*Insulations and thermal mass – timber, wool, wood fibre etc – Thermal, vapour open + closed

*Ecological Design Bio climatic Seasonal design

*Compost Loos – pee poo separator design

*Water: Grey, Black and Rain what do with what

*Solar PV, Wood burner heating and back boiler

*A combination of sustainable design and mindfulness based approaches.

with a bit of all important self care based on Yoga, Ayurveda and Mediation.

Bring your own unique building design problems and questions?
Get a chance to imagine and dream and map out of what kind of space you would live to live in.
Get inspiration and empower knowledge to build your own home the self build Journey of a lifetime!


*A practical overview of how to design and build your own eco tiny home

*An opportunity to design and draw up your dream on paper and get feedback from an architect!

*A brilliantly fun way of learning how to use intelligent spatial design to create integrated spaces.

*The feeling of empowerment that comes from knowing that you can take full ownership of a home building process.

*A connected sense of being part of a movement and community.

*A deeper awareness of nature based regenerative principles and how to apply them to your daily lives and design

*Making new connections, friends and drawing on the knowledge of a self building, ecologically mindful architect!

*Taste delicious, and deeply nourishing food from the garden made by our resident SAWA chef

*Lots of laughter, chats, smiles from a group like minded fun souls!


Potluck Lunch – Please all bring a small dish or some food to share, we will provide a pot curry, a fresh salad from the garden to share too.

There will be a selection of herbal teas and coffee for break times.

Vegan healthy snacks are welcome to be donated and shared at tea break at the end of the day.

Please advise us of any dietary requirements so preparations can be made in advance or bring your own to supplement.


– 10am Welcome Circle

– Mindful moment

– Intro about Springham Farm

– Orientation and Awareness site safety

– Regenerative Principles Meeting Design of Tiny House

– 11.30 am Tea Break ( tea station set up in either office or tiny house weather depending)

– Learning from observation of Nature’s Principles

– A short walking tour of gardens, harvest greens

– 1pm – Potluck sharing lunch
Bring a small dish or something to share, a salad, a curry pot and herbal teas will be provided. (if diets are sensitive just bring your own)

– Design Activity Overview

– Story of Ed’s Tiny house and Design rationale

– The budget Spectrum (£1k-5k-25k-50k-500K)

– Design Embodiment Movement Visioning Exercise.

– Mapping/ Drawing your Tiny Design Exercise

– Closing Circle – Mindful Moment – Takeaways + Reflections

– 4pm – Optional tea + questions
(Healthy, vegan, organic, whole food, organic, sugar+gluten free, snack to share are welcome;-)


We would like to make sure this opportunity is available to all people from all backgrounds, wealth, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexuality, identity etc.

This course is open to all adults and young people aged 16+. 16-18 year olds wishing to attend independently will require a parental guardian.


– High Waged: £150

– Medium Waged: £125

– Low Waged: £100