Workshop Summary:

A collaborative, practical and hands on course. Showcasing the ways in which we can use Permaculture ethics and principles to create a Tiny Home.

The Tiny House Movement is taking the world by storm, one beautifully crafted movable space at a time. There is no denying that with rising house prices and inefficient building materials we are in the midst of a housing crisis. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if we could learn how to create sustainable and beautiful homes? Places of sanctuary that are practical, affordable and sympathetic to the natural world. Heartfelt spaces that are movable and integrated with the land and space they occupy. And what if we could respond to the climate situation we face with intelligent building and permaculture design, rooted in the simple conscious actions that have regenerative effect on our planet and our very being?

Welcome to the SAWA Tiny House Permaculture Build Workshop! We offer a skilled and practical response to these questions, drawing on years of permaculture study and working professionally as designers from across the globe. With a deep focus on sustainable techniques at the forefront of natural building technology, you can be sure you are in great hands to dive deeper into learning how to build your own Tiny Home.

What we will be doing:

  • 2 full days practical learning and building a Tiny Home on a trailer base

What you will learn:

  • The principles of Permaculture – integrated and applied to a Tiny House design.
  • How to design a climatically suitable and sensitive Tiny Home.
  • Appropriate Technology, include: biochar, hot water, heating cooking wood stove, thermal mass, Solar PV, compost loo, grey water shower.
  • How to build the shell and structure of the Tiny House.
  • Basic Carpentry and Building Techniques.
  • A combination of sustainable design and mindfulness based approaches.
  • A bit of all important self care based on Yoga and Mediation.


  • We will be sourcing local low cost to planet materials. For example: Welsh sheeps wool fleece, wood fibre, straw, cork, cedar.
  • Materials might be up-cycled – taking materials that are wasted and turning them into something of greater long term value. For example we are looking at the repurposing of second hand double glazed windows that would otherwise be discarded.

Community Building:

  • In good old fashioned village community style we will raise the barn! That means collaborating, listening, working together and healthy, happy builds for all. Investing in the safety and learning of others.
  • We will incorporate optional morning yoga with our certified teacher to bring us into our bodies each day.
  • We will have mindfulness and sharing circles for those who wish to join. They are an ancient way of integrating the days we spend together, taking the time to listen to what each of us has to say with full attention.

What you can expect to get from this course:

  • A practical design and build skillset for building your own affordable, sustainable and quirky home that reflects exactly who you are.
  • Ideas of how to design and build your own Tiny Home!
  • A brilliantly fun way of learning how to use intelligent spacial design to create integrated spaces.
  • The feeling of empowerment that comes from knowing that you can take full ownership of a home building process.
  • A connected sense of being and working together in community.
  • A deeper awareness of Permaculture Principles and how to apply them to your daily lives in simple ways.
  • Upon completion you will receive the SAWA Architecture certificate of Completion for the Tiny House Build 2021.
  • Making new connections, friends and drawing on the knowledge of a master architect!
  • Collaborative cooking and food prep opportunities. Skillsharing doesn’t stop in the kitchen!
  • Lots of laughter, games, fireside chats, smiles, community building and fun!


Camping is available at Greatham Village Hall, St John’s Field, but need to agreed prior to arrival.
Bring your own tent and bedding etc.
There are toilet facilities at the campsite, but no showers, we can offer showers at the neighbours house if needed.
You are welcome to camp with us from the evening before the course begins.


We would like to make sure this opportunity is available to all people from all backgrounds, wealth, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexuality, identity etc. This course is open to 16 years and up. For students between 16 – 18 an adult will need to sign a waiver on arrival provided by me.


Getting involved with the project further on in the build might be possible. Please get in contact via sawa.engage@gmail.com to register your interest.

SAWA Workshops:

There’s a WhatsApp Group you can join to hear more about it all: https://chat.whatsapp.com/JUxBEULuPyuDds5iKmAVcM


Vegan/Sugar free – Lunch will be provided on the teaching days. Fresh salads from the garden, and orchard fresh apples as well as a selection of teas and coffee for break times.

Meals will be nutritionally balanced to provide an exquisite experience for your tastebuds as well as filling your bellies and giving you plenty of energy for the teaching days.

Please advise us of any dietary requirements so preparations can be made in advance or bring your own to supplement.

Flow of the Day:

  • Morning Informal Yoga/Movement Session will be offered from 8am.
  • Breakfast Self Organised at Camp Site Pot Luck (do bring something to add to the pot)
  • Followed by all meeting together at 9am for the Circle Check in.
  • Session One – 10am – 1pm (with a 15 mins tea and snack break at 11.30)
  • Lunch Break 1 – 2pm – lunch will be brought to the site and we will eat together there.
  • Session Two – 2pm – 5pm (with a 15 mins tea and snack break at 3.30)
  • Relax time is your own, head to camp site
  • Dinner Self Organised at Camp Site – perhaps a pot luck stew (do bring something to add to the pot)
  • The evening is your own – self organised campfires, sing songs and story telling welcome.


We are asking for £30 to cover the costs of workshop for the weekend. Concessions are available, please contact sawa.engage@gmail.com for details.

For more details, please follow the link: https://eequ.org/experience/1005