Workshop Summary:

Welcome to the Willow Weekend in our SAWA Architecture Permaculture workshop series. These two days are all about understanding Permaculture and how to plant, manage, coppice and weave willow for creating beautiful structure while working with our diverse ecology and ecosystem.

The structures we will be building together are made from a native deciduous shrub, or small tree, called Willow. We will source local Willow. The flowers of willow, known as catkins, are full of nectar and pollen, which provide food for bumblebees and honey bees during the spring, in addition to being exceptionally beautiful birds also use these stunning willow structures as a safe refuge from predators.

Willow has so many uses and grows easily and abundantly here in the UK, so join us as we dive deep into the discovery of how we can apply this incredible knowledge to bring more sustainability, ecosystem restoration and fun to our daily lives.

As well as the practical hands on sessions we will be teaching in the incredible Roundhouse Building, made from local Ash, Willow, Hazel and recycled pallet materials. Learning about these methods whilst sitting inside a living breathing natural build structure really helps all this wonderful knowledge sink in.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from this amazing weekend:

Saturday – Living Willow Day

  • Introduction to Willow in Permaculture, Ethic and Principles
  • Walk around and observation
  • Group Harvest Exercise – learning how to harvest willow, and when to spot it at the right age for what you want to build or make.
  • Planting Exercise how can we take willow very quickly replant into a new tree!
  • Build /Plant a LIVING willow tunnel!

Sunday – Dead Willow Day

  • Making a dead hedge for habitat creation – these are so needed in our overly concreted world. Lets find out how to create safe havens for an abundance of nature’s creatures * Weaving willow to make structures, from dream catchers, reefs to fences and screens.
  • Learn about the wonders of Biochar!
  • How to make Biochar and the benefits and properties for soil, compost and water filtration
  • A wonderful practice for making heat for cooking at the same time as Sequestering Carbon
  • Learn how harvest trees and burning can be good!

Expect lots of fun and laughter and great amounts of new information. This course will be a wonderfully community spirited adventure into the incredible versatility of Willow and how you can use it in your homes and gardens to create more nature focus in your daily life. There will be invaluable knowledge imparted from people who are masters of their craft. Join us for these Practical hands on workshops that seek to integrate ways of living closer to nature in a more connected ways.

Remember: The Knowing Is In The Doing!


Camping is available at Greatham Village Hall, St John’s Field, but need to agreed prior to arrival. Bring your own tent and bedding etc. There are toilet facilities at the campsite, but no showers, we can offer showers at the neighbours house if needed. You are welcome to camp with us from the evening before the course begins.


We would like to make sure this opportunity is available to all people from all backgrounds, wealth, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexuality, identity etc.

Families are welcome with children and 8-18 years plus are able to attend alone parents will need to sign a waiver at drop off.


Getting involved further along with the build might be possible. Please get in contact at sawa.engage@gmail.com to register your interest.

SAWA Workshops:

There’s a WhatsApp Group you can join to hear more about it all


Vegan/Sugar free – Lunch will be provided on the teaching days. Fresh salads from the garden, and orchard fresh apples as well as a selection of teas and coffee for break times.

Meals will be nutritionally balanced to provide an exquisite experience for your tastebuds as well as filling your bellies and giving you plenty of energy for the teaching days.

Please bring some food to add to the pot for the weekend – collaborative cooking will be encouraged throughout the weekend!

Please advise us of any dietary requirements so preparations can be made in advance or bring your own to supplement.

Flow of a Typical Day:

  • Flow of a Typical Day Morning Informal Yoga/Movement Session will be offered from 8am.
  • Breakfast Self Organised at Camp Site PotLuck Porridge (do bring something to add to the pot).
  • Followed by all meeting together at 9am for the Circle Check in.
  • Session One – 10am – 1pm (with a 15 mins tea and snack break at 11.30).
  • Lunch Break 1 – 2pm – Vegan warm Indian lightly spiced kitchari and fresh foraged kitchen garden salad lunch will be brought to the site and we will eat together there.
  • Session Two – 2pm – 5pm (with a 15 mins tea and snack break at 3.30).
  • Relax time is your own, head to camp site.
  • Dinner Self Organised at Camp Site – perhaps a potluck stew (do bring something to add to the pot).
  • The evening is your own – self organised campfires, sing songs and story telling welcome.


We are asking for £30 to cover the costs of workshop for the weekend. Concessions are available, please contact sawa.engage@gmail.com for details.

For more information please follow this link: https://eequ.org/experience/1001