Win win! Organic waste turned into cooking gas and nutrient rich fertiliser!

Biogas can also be generated anywhere irrespective of climate and is a naturally occurring gas and carbon neutral when burnt. Can be small, medium or large scale.

It is generated by initially taking the bacteria from animal manure e.g. cow manure and by using an anaerobic process, the bacteria are fed a diet of bio matter e.g. household organic waste, organic garden matter or manure to produce gas to cook, generate electricity or heating. 1 litre of waste will produce 1 litre of biogas and an ‘oil barrel size’ is suitable for an average household.

The output from the biogas is fertiliser which can be used for fertiliser for plants and growing food. This is a very simple, inexpensive system which if adopted at household level utilises kitchen waste, produces gas to cook and produces fertiliser.